Top 3 Reliable Cable Companies in US

There are many cable companies here in the United States and each of them “claim” that they are the best and most superior of them all. Now to start with I will break down the top companies and then go from there.

  1. Comcast: By far the largest and the one that most subscribe too, with about 24 million.
  2. Time Warner: Rounds out the number two position with about 13+million
  3. Charter Communications(5.7) Cox Communication(6) and Cablevision(3.3)

When we discuss who are top 3 reliable we also have to think of those who offer options. Just because a cable company is giant corporation doesn’t mean that they necessarily will offer you the best deals. You need to think quality of quantity, in most cases. And not go with someone based on all of the slick competitive deals that they offer.

With most areas only a few select providers are offered and you need to do some background on what is being offered. Once you select the best service that can be provided to you then you need to look at the special deals that exist within the company. And here is a good word of advice. Don’t just go for the first available option.You need to do some comparison shopping in order to find out more.

In other words you can’t show a cable provider that you are desperate for any service. If you do,they will pull every line in the book in order to get you “hooked”. Just because Comast may offer you one of the hottest deals to come along,doesn’t mean that you should take it. Before you decide window shop a bit and see what each company is offering. A few tips on how to get a reduced rate when you first apply are the following:

  1. If you tell them of a competitors rate that may just entice them to bring the price down for you.
  2. They may offer an introductory rate to get you to sign up,or if you ask them about the offer.

How To Get Cheap Cable TV Subscriptions

TelevisionMost of us either get cable or are wanting to get cable. If you already have a cheap cable service at your disposal than count yourself lucky. Acquiring cheap cable is very difficult these days, especially with all of the changes that are taking place within the cable industry.

One of the main factors that are overlooked is that if you are proved with access to cable television in your area, chances are you will be able to get it, you could pay dirt cheap too, like less then a dollar a day. Now the punch line to the joke is that not many people know about this because it’s not locally or even nationally advertised. And the punchline to the punchline is that though it is not advertised most companies are legally bound to providing it.

Take this scenario, if you will. Most will spend hundreds upon hundreds for the latest in digital television boxes and technology. They will get channels the don’t or need and all for this money that they are paying out. Now imagine that you strip down that scenario and only get the cable for a cheap price. Sure beats paying hundreds of dollars, doesn’t it?

The things you will need in order to get the ball rolling, a phone and your service providers number. The next thing you will need to be aware of are your rights. What most don’t take notice of is that cable company providers are required by law (FCC) to offer just the basics in cable, and not weigh heavily upon the other things that they sell.

The next thing you will need to do is to call your provider and speak to them about the basic services. Don’t spend time and effort looking for advertisements, because as i sated above, they are not required to provide that information. Ask for just a “Limited basic package”, which varies from state to state, but usually is $20 a month.

Now you might get an operator who will sell you on other things. But be persistent and tell them you are not interested.